Y Art Gallery

The Rockbridge Area YMCA is proud to offer local artists and Y members the opportunity to experience the uplifting effect art can have on day-to-day lives with the addition of an art gallery inside the Y. The display will change every six months to feature a new group of four artists. 

For more information on the Y Art Gallery contact Sharan Simkins at sharpaul@rockbridge.net 

Meet Our Artists

CHUCK ALMAREZ, who currently teaches digital photography at Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, creates photos that “attempt to make a viewer think about what they’re seeing, and to question the story behind the image.” He started his photography education at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California where he worked on the Shroud of Turin Project. He then earned an MA in Digital Photography from the School of Visual Arts, New York in 2016. He is also qualified as an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop and Lightroom which equips him for the technically demanding fields of photo restoration and composite imaging.

Almarez says, “It’s the light on the subject that intrigues me, it’s that fascinating interplay between light, shadow, and subject that I try to capture, regardless of the subject.” As a result, his photos cover a wide range of images as disparate as a still life on the one hand to shots of the night sky on the other.


FRAN FEVRIER has been a portrait photographer for twenty-five years. She strives to uncover images which suggest that “inside their outside visual portraits live very interesting, unique, and attractive people.” She has a BA in Philosophy, an MA in English and is also a Registered Nurse. She was a member of the Nelson Gallery in Lexington for seven years.

Although her professional training is clear in Fevrier’s work, she credits a professor at the University of Florida, Jerry Uelsmann, and a Chesapeake Bay photographer, Marion Warren, for the artistic guidance, and her many subjects through the years for the inspiration, that informs each piece.


PATRICK HINELY has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally and is a staff photographer for the Rockbridge Advocate locally. He admits to being somewhat “obsessive/compulsive concerning the composition” of his work. He first took up photography in junior high school, then went on to earn a BA in Journalism at Washington & Lee University where he was editor-in-chief of the yearbook and photo editor of the student literary magazine, Ariel. While in college he was the late-night program director for WLUR-FM. Since graduation his work, photographic and written, has now appeared in some 300 albums as cover pictures, booklet photos or liner notes, as well as in magazines, books and newspapers, including the New York Times. Articles and photography for various jazz publications include JAZZ Magazine, Downbeat, Jazz Forum, Swing Journal, JazzTimes, CODA and Cadence. A collection of his jazz work was published in Germany by the Jazzprezzo imprint of Nieswand Verlag as the 2008 Jazz Calendiary.


JEREMY LEADBETTER former owner of Lexington’s Andre Studio for seven years, has been a professional photographer for the last 31 years. This exhibit’s more artistic, less commercial work captures his uncommon “vision of life and art.” He recently finished a years-long project as the photographer for “Fine Art in Miniature: the Holly June Browne Collection,” a book cataloging the local collector’s nationally known miniature museum. His work has been published in The Washington Post Magazine and Vogue and he has exhibited at several local galleries and in Washington, DC.
Seeing family members capturing scenes with their cameras that could be viewed, unchanged by time, many months later, fascinated him as a child and his parents started providing him cameras at the age of seven. He has yet to lose his youthful fascination with the art form.


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