My Y Story - Meet Brandee

December 18, 2017

A testimonial from Brandee H.

We joined the YMCA back in January of 2017. I came to a few group exercise classes with a dear friend of mine beforehand using her free passes, and then wanted to join, because the instructors kept me motivated. I found out I have insulin resistance, so a healthy diet and regular workout routine are key to me staying healthy. I was overweight, and knew it would be hard if not close to impossible to lose the weight I had gained due to my condition. However, Janni has been the best motivation! I started out taking her Barre class on Wednesdays.

I live 45 minutes from the Salem Family YMCA, but her classes are worth the drive! Not just that, but the ladies in Stay & Play are fabulously sweet and I couldn't be more confident in their abilities. There have been days I sign my girls in and see a room full of toddlers already there. Those ladies are super stars!

Back to my journey... it wasn't long before I wanted to try Janni's Monday morning Pilates Mix. I really enjoy it too and in October a Thursday Barre class was added in. I now go to as many of her classes as I can. Two sizes down, 22 lbs lost later, I have learned to love my body! I am still not where I want to be size wise, but I AM the strongest I've ever been, and Janni is teaching me to care for myself. She always changes up the class which keeps it interesting! I feel so lucky to have found a safe, fun, and friendly environment. My workouts aren't the only things we've done. My girls LOVED the fall cooking class! Along with the semi - private swim lessons with the wonderful Ms. Liz from the Kirk Family YMCA. She is sweet, patient and effective.